The all-new SEL Curriculum

The Roundies SEL Curriculum combines in-depth, practical training material for PROFESSIONAL EDUCATORS and inspiring content for practising emotional skills in a GROUP.

Comprehensive and active package for children

42 lesson plans for children

Diverse emotional skills are introduced and practiced through stories, discussions, drama, exercise, music, crafts and play.

Learning objectives include:

  • Identification and verbalisation of feelings
  • Recognition of different personalities
  • Strengthening of self-awareness
  • Developing positive self-image
  • Learning methods for cooling down
  • Increasing grit
  • Improving empathy
  • Decreasing bullying
  • Helping to create positive relationships with peers
  • Learning to work in a group

Pedagogy of the SEL Curriculum

The pedagogy of the SEL Curriculum has been built support activity, participation and adherence. Learning is constructed through investigation, play and moments of realisation.

The program features built-in the methods of positive education, which train emotional skills in everyday life, support the children’s confidence and positive development, build positive culture and strengthen the interaction between a child and an adult.

Besides supporting the development of social and emotional skills of the children, the program improves the educators’ professional development and emotional skills.

Additional training for educators

10 lesson plans for adults

The learning material for educators deepens the knowledge of emotional skill development and offers numerous tips for strengthening emotional skills in everyday interaction within groups.

Adult lessons offer comprehensive tools to tackle potentially challenging phenomena:

  • Shyness
  • Restlessness
  • Aggression
  • Boastfulness
  • Self-criticism
  • Bullying

Tools to work with challenging behaviour

Certain unfavourable behaviour patterns that are common in children may severely affect the whole group. The adult in the group can, with positive action, acknowledge the children’s individual challenges in a way that supports the whole group. This can be challenging without the proper tools and methods to meet i.e. an aggressive or overly shy child. This challenge is amplified, if the group has more than one child with a need for special attention.

In the Roundies SEL Curriculum, the adults are given plenty of tools to face challenging behavioural patterns in a way that is both beneficial for positive development and supports the child’s emotional skills.

SEL-skills (Social and Emotional Learning)

SEL-skills is a model developed in international studies of socio-emotional learning. The model recognises five core skills. The Roundies SEL Curriculum is built along these core skills, adapted to the experiences of children.

”In our group we have a lot of lively and eager children. Especially with boys the enthusiasm grows to the level of a hurricane. Therefore, the Flamingo’s nest has become a pleasant place for them”.

Recognising one’s own strengths, building a positive self-image, recognition and understanding of diverse emotional states and relevant behaviour.

Control of one’s own emotions, thoughts and behaviour, self-motivation, defining goals and working towards the goals.

Responsible decision-making
Taking safety, ethics and rules into account in decision-making and social interactions.

Social awareness
Putting oneself in other people’s shoes, empathy, fairness, ability to see differing perspectives and problem solving.

Relationship skills
Creating and maintaining rewarding, positive relationships, ability to negotiate, co-working, constructive communication and the ability to withstand pressude.

The SEL Curriculum matches the objectives of the Finnish pre-school curriculum

The Roundies SEL Curriculum is a certified Finnish learning product! The academic method, developed by the Education Alliance Finlandin validates the pedagogical quality of digital learning products.

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SEL Curriculum tools

The program features a diverse array of inspirational tools for children, including:


The lesson plans include a lot of reading the educational stories of the Roundies. The story books introduce everyday emotions in the colourful world of the Roundies animal characters. Even challenging situations, like anger, jealousy and over-enthusiasm, are easier to discuss with children when they are seen from a bit of a way out, in an imaginary world.

Emotion cards

The skill to recognise and name one’s own emotion and those of other’s builds a solid base for learning other emotional skills. Practising this skill is in the core of the SEL Curriculum.

With the emotion cards, the children can express their emotions, even when they don’t yet know how to verbalise them.

Strength cards

The Roundies strength cards help you to find the strengths you and others possess.

Recognising one’s own strengths, skills and interest improve the development of a positive self-image and confidence.

Breathing and relaxation exercises

The SEL Curriculum features also elements of mindfulness, in an appropriate way for children.


Each of the Roundies story books has it’s own song.

All of the lessons end with music and singing a song together.

The SEL Curriculum has been piloted in 20 kindergartens.

User testimonials:

”Relaxation exercise went well, the children loved it!”

”They are more open to their emotions and recognise the emotions of others.”

”The friendship bench
is in our active use”

”The social skills have improved. Others are taken into more and
asked to play together. Acknowledging the good in others was really nice.”

”It’ been easy to follow a ready-made formula. This has made everything simple and straightforward to go through.”

”Positive speech and encouragement has improved the group a lot. The children are constantly giving positive feedback for good friend actions.”

”The children are genuinely sad seeing this end.”


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