Content to inspire children

The Roundies concept, developed with psychologist, was tested in 2017 with a child group guided by the Playful Learning Center of the University of Helsinki. The children fell in love with the sympathetic, round animal character. The test study found that in addition to the feelings of joy and positive emotions, the stories gave the children the opportunity to ponder over interesting emotions such as anger and fear as well as the causality of events leading to the emotions.

The first Roundies story books were published in 2017 by Mäkelä Publishing. Families and kindergartens received loved the Roundies way of talking about social and emotional skills in the context of ordinary lives. Currently there are 9 published Roundies books.

The guiding idea of the Roundies concept is: investing in social and emotional skills early on empowers the children to prosper in school and work, supported by their own strengths. The new, comprehensive Roundies SEL Curriculum offers a package of professional training for educators and inspiring practice content for children groups, designed by psychologists.

The Roundies SEL Curriculum feature lesson plans organised around the story books. The story-based approach lowers the learning curve for children. The jolly animal characters inspire children to think and practice social and emotional skills together!

Roundies live on Sunny Cloud

If you look high up in the sky you will see a very beautiful cloud. This is Sunny Cloud where a bunch of friendly creatures called The Roundies live.

All Roundies have different personalities and experience emotions in different ways. In Sunny Cloud there are lots of feelings to explore – and all of them are just as important as each other!

Stories are a great way to help a child’s emotions to surface, and are a safe way to explore feelings.

Meet the Roundies!

Roundies are all round like clouds, but they are all different inside. One gets quickly angry, another just wants everyone to be happy and one is very good at making arguments go away.

Cranky Crabbie 

Me grumpy? No way! That makes me grumpy! Arrgh!

Sisu Foxy

I never give up! If at first I don’t succeed, I try again! Onwards and upwards!


Everyone is good at something. I’m good at cheering – Hurray!

Bouncy Banana

I’m a perpetual motion machine – wheeeeee!

Wisey Elefancey

I’m old and wise and love solving problems on a full stomach.

Pinky Perfect

 I like everything to be just right all of the time!


Arguing makes me sad. Peace and kisses to all!

Timid Penquin

What’s that? Who’s there? I don’t like this!


Being happy feels good – and I like to make others laugh too!


I’m always the best at everything. Oh ok, maybe not always!

Zen Flamingos

We are the masters of calm, the pink flock of peace. Ommm…