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Learning emotional skills and bringing them to life with stories and activities

Roundies is a Finnish, pedagogically developed concept that offers tools to aid in the strengthening of a child’s emotional and interpersonal friendship skills. Functional emotional skills improve one’s self-awareness and help in developing one’s self-image and a strong self-esteem. Good emotional skills also advance one’s learning and allow us to build positive interpersonal relationships.

Learning emotional skills starts at a young age

You can begin learning emotional skills at a very young age. It’s been shown that a preschool group is a great opportunity to learn emotional skills. The Roundies SEL Curriculum, developed by psychologists, gives you a full toolkit to teach emotional skills in a preschool environment.

SEL Curriculum

Content that inspires

The Roundies concept, developed with pedagogues, was tested with groups of children in 2016, under the supervision of the University of Helsinki Playful Learning Center. The children were delighted by the sweet, round animal characters in Roundies.

During testing, it was found that the strength of the books lies in the fact that beside bringing joy and positive feelings, the stories give children the opportunity to reflect on interesting emotions. Emotions like anger, crankiness and fear. Furthermore, they create situations to think about causal relationships and the situations that have led to certain emotions.

The first books were published in Fall 2017 by publisher Kustannus Mäkelä. The Roundies storybook series has received accolades from both families and professionals in childhood education. Now there are 9 storybooks in the series Read more

The children’s sessions in the SEL Curriculum are built around Roundies storybooks, leveraging the fact that it is easy and enjoyable for children to grasp new concepts using stories. In these sessions children are familiarized with a broad range of emotional skills using stories, discussions and various tasks. The materials also contain Emotion and Strength cards, commonly used by psychologists, featuring bright illustrations of the Roundies characters.

SEL Curriculum