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The SEL Curriculum

It’s fun to learn emotional skills with Roundies products, specifically designed for preschool-aged children!

Fruitful cooperation to build the new SEL Curriculum

The new SEL Curriculum is the product of a cooperation that has brought together the Roundies team and the psychologists of The FamilyBoost Oy. Julia Pöyhönen and Heidi Livingston are responsible for the SEL Curriculum’s psychology and children’s activities. They are psychologists with lots of practical work experience, specialized in childhood development, parenting and support for familial communication.

The SEL Model

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) defined SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) more than two decades ago. They divided socioemotional learning into five sectors: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, interpersonal relationship skills and social awareness. We have used this framework in the creation of Roundies SEL Currculum and it covers the entirety of socioemotional learning.

Sessions for early childhood educators and sessions for children

The SEL Curriculum is divided into sessions for the adults and the children. In the sessions for adults, you will learn how to support children’s socioemotional development in preschool day-to-day situations and how to overcome challenging behavior in the group. In addition, you will also plan and prepare for the children’s sessions.

In the children’s sessions, we learn about emotional skills on a broad scale with the help of stories, discussions and various tasks. In addition, we give a number of tips on how the children’s emotional skills can be improved in day-to-day preschool communication situations.

SEL Curriculum materials

  • Online content (videos and downloadable material)
  • Activity Book (tips, exercises and notes)
  • 6 Story Books
  • Emotion Cards
  • Strength Cards
  • Breathing Cards
  • A material collection for inspiring the children

Pilot project

The Roundies SEL Curriculum was in pilot use in a number of Finnish preschools over the course of Spring 2019. Pilot use continues in new preschools during fall 2019. PhD in Developmental Psychology Maryam Zarra-Nezhad will complete a research project about the pilot project, entitled “Promoting Social-Emotional Development and Preventing Behavioral Problems in Early Childhood”. Maryam is specialized in social and emotional development in early childhood.

Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology

The research and pilot preschools for the fall season have been selected. Thank you for such a large amount of interest in the project!

SEL Curriculum is available in English 2020.


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